Another strange dream

I seem to dream rather … Unreal stuff these days.
Last night I dreamt I was sleeping in a room in a house quite similar to the one I actually live in.
The window was open, there were trees outside an suddenly I heard a
loud sound. A panda climbed through the window into my room and
seemed to get angry when the door to the living room wasn’t open…
I got up and opened the door as well as the door in the living room
leading to the garden while the panda pursued me and bit my shoulder
which – surprisingly – didn’t hurt.

I went after the animal into the garden where my mother was sitting on a bench, a Bernese mountain dog lying next to her. I asked if a panda had passed… she said the dog was the only animal she’d seen in this garden for a while.
As I looked at the dog I saw his eyes… the panda’s eyes. Round and black.


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