Saturday Centus – Week 12

Haven’t had time for SC for some time but here’s my entry for Saturday Centus – Week 12. The prompt is set in bold.


Driving six hours is a long time on the road. Six hours spent singing car-aoke and taking in the picturesque scenery, but mostly reminiscing about the good times. But those days were long gone and my mind was in a different place now. Or was it? My pulse quickened as I passed the road sign which read “Medford 27 miles.”

The reason it quickened was that I had passed this same sign about seven times in what seemed fifteen minutes at most. I knew that by the next time, I would wake up. I REALLY needed to find out why I kept dreaming about this place.

11 thoughts on “Saturday Centus – Week 12

  1. Ahh, Medford is such a dreamy place, isn’t it? LOL! I loved your take on this prompt! I never would have thought of a dream sequence but what a great idea! Well done!

    • I don’t know if Medford is a dreamy place as I have never been there. Don’t even know where it is :-) (I live in Switzerland. Places here are called Zürich or Bronschhofen or Ziegelbrücke…)
      Thank you for commenting!

  2. Hi! I hope you’re OK and just being good busy and not stressed busy!

    Nice to see you linked here. It made me smile when your link was opening.

    Maybe she’ll have to see a shrink to see why the recurring dream about Medford.

    I wonder what it could be!?!

    Thanks for linking!

    • Part good, part stressed busy.
      well the thing with the dreams is this: Years ago, when I was about fifteen years old, the name «Budweiser» kept on appearing in my dreams for a week. I was wondering why I dreamt about something I thought I had never heard of so I googled it (the year was 2000, I had just been given a dial-up modem by my father). So I learned what Budweiser was. (And had a good laugh.) At that time, I was watching the X-Files every week. Including the reruns at midnight. When I was watching one of those reruns, there was Budweiser sign attached to a building or a truck… And I knew why I kept dreaming about something I didn’t know I had seen before… The memory of those Budweiser sings inspired me to this Centus› ending.

      Thank you for commenting!

  3. I left a comment and it didn’t show up!
    It was pretty good too! dang.
    anyway, i could hear the «twilight zone» music with this one…remember the old «twilight zone» show?

    • So sorry! I have to approve the first comment a person makes because of spam reasons. There should be a message saying this after you sent the form. will have to test it…

      And I’m sorry to say that I have no idea what «twilight zone» show is/was… I do know the X-Files which I heard where inspired by twilight zone…

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