The Fluffette Chronicles

I managed to bind the copy of The Fluffette Chronicles I printed out.
And I have to say, considering the fact that I tried the method called «perfect binding» for the first time, it doesn’t look too bad. Even though I cut the cover too small and had to print it again, at home, on a different printer. That’s why the last picture (covering the last page of the body of the book and the cover) has different colours on the left and right side.
Also, there is glue on the first and last page where the body is glued to the cover… but apart from all that, I think it’s a pretty little book. :) ganzer Eintrag // read more

Ring The Bells

As you might or might not know, I am re-watching the whole X-Files series at the moment. I’ve started some two weeks ago with the very first episode, when Scully’s hair was at its longest and Mulder sprays the green X on the street in the middle of the forest in Oregon.
I loved this series when I was young. I was and still am rather unimpressed by the later seasons (7–9) because of all this baby William business and the two new agents. ganzer Eintrag // read more

saturday ramblings.

{big warm hugs to Angie®}

right. I’m in strange mood and in a strange state of mind.
I want to go out and do stuff, buy stuff, old books mainly, to scan the fonts and use them to create stuff, I want a new table but I have nowhere to put it, I want silver boots but I can’t find such a thing  round here and for fuck’s sake, I want to be thinner but I can’t buy that anywhere and that annoys the hell out of me.
One minute I think I need a new computer to play all the fancy computer games on, the next minute I remember that 1) I get all sick and headachy when I play computer games and 2) I have no money to buy a really good computer.
One minute I think I need a remote control thing for my DSLR camera to make better photos, the next minute I know that my photos suck anyway and that I don’t need such a thing.
This remote control only costs 30 Francs by the way, so that is not a problem of not having enough money. This is just a problem of me not being able to decide WHAT I FUCKING WANT. ganzer Eintrag // read more

Saturday Centus – week 2

After I was too late for the first week of Saturday Centus (I’m quite good at not doing or postponing things I actually want to do) I decided to write this one while the week is still young. It was a bit of a challenge in more than one way: I hate to be brief! And I don’t know anything about flying (I even had to google “Cessna 172”). And English isn’t my first language. And I hate to be brief! (I haven’t mentioned it before, have I?) Anyway. Here it is. ganzer Eintrag // read more